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Product of the Month: CurcuMax

What is CurcuMax?  CurcuMax is a highly bioavailable curcuminoid formula. It contains the three strongest and best researched curcuminoids which are constituents of the herb Turmeric, an herb that you’re probably heard of or even use. So, you are probably thinking...

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Are You Doing Your Monthly Breast Self-Exam?

Are You Doing Your Monthly Breast Self-Exam? Do you know that about 40% of diagnosed breast cancers are detected through breast self- exam? That’s the reason why breast self-exam remains as a key method in the diagnosis of breast cancer and with October, Breast Cancer...

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How to Instantly Stop Pain Without Drugs

Do you or someone you suffer from pain? According to new research by the National Institutes of Health, more than 25 million American adults suffer from chronic pain- or pain lasting at least 3 months. Beyond this fact, we all know that many of us have learned to live...

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Stomach Issues – Success

Before coming to SOPHIA in April 2018, I was struggling with stomach issues related to leaky gut which included chronic constipation, bloating, and joint pain in my wrists and thumbs. I feel much better. The combination of treatments, nutritional guidance, lifestyle...

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Fatigued – Success

Before coming to SOPHIA in August 2018, I was feeling tired, no energy, felt drained and even after sleeping 6-7 hours, I was still exhausted, and experiencing back pain. Now… life is so much better- not totally where I’d like to be but certainly on my way. Now after...

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What’s Your Diagnosis?

This is an updated blog post for 2018. What happens when you are not feeling well and symptoms occur?   You go to the doctor to get a diagnosis. The word diagnosis comes from the latin  dia- thorough or complete and –gnosis meaning knowledge. So the actual meaning of...

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The Heavy Truth About Belly Fat

Do you or someone you know have excess belly fat? According to the CDC, 70.7% of American adults are overweight or obese. Of that number, many of them suffer from serious health issues. In one example, 85% of Diabetics are overweight. With these staggering statistics,...

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