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Medical Minute: Fire Cupping

Medical Minute with Dr. Chris: Fire CuppingThis week's medical minute features Dr. Chris demonstrating fire cupping! Fire cupping has many great benefits! It promotes blood flow, reduces pain and stiffness, helps detoxify tissues and reset muscle resting...

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Win a $1,500 Wellness Day!

 WIN A $1,500 WELLNESS DAY FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY!  SOPHIA Natural Health Center in Brookfield announces, "WIN A $1500 WELLNESS DAY" For Your Group, Company, Church, School or Organization! (Minimum of 10 people) One Winner will be drawn per week. Wellness Day...

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CBD: What Nobody Tells You

Do you know about CBD? If you’re like most of us, you know that CBD is everywhere. But, do you know what it is? This so-called golden elixir can be found in oils, capsules and even gummy-bears. Besides medical products, you can find this green-amber goo in your...

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ADHD Testimonial

Before coming to SOPHIA, my 14 year old son, CJ was dealing with ADHD Inattentive Type. He was always a hot mess, forgetting his homework, completely disorganized, his room was a wreck, and if he did not complete his homework, he would forget to hand it in. After...

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Medical Minute: A Lesson in Good Nutrition

Medical Minute with Dr. Ken Hoffman: A Lesson in Good NutritionGood Morning! Welcome to this week’s Medical Minute. I’m Dr. Ken Hoffman from Sophia Natural Health Center. We want to talk about good nutrition. Good nutrition promotes health while nutrient...

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Case Study: Anxiety and Concentration

C.W. is a 14 y.o. male that came to our clinic with various chief complaints including anxiety, difficulty concentrating in school, fatigue and irritability. Patient was brought to clinic by parents due to decreased productivity and performance in school and also...

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One HONEST & Natural Solution for Headaches

Do you suffer from headaches? In fact, headaches are considered the top three most commonly reported health conditions in the world. Statistically speaking, 12% of Americans say that they have chronic and recurring migraine headaches.To be honest, headaches prevent us...

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