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Chronic Lyme – Patient Success

I am a healthy person, so when the following symptoms came back, I knew that something was wrong. They started with a general feeling of malaise, extreme fatigue, change in appetite, neck, upper back/neck tension/tightness. My upper back, neck felt locked and sore.... read more

What is HRV and Why is it Important?

Have you heard about HRV? Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is a vital biomarker that measures one’s health. Other common biomarkers include blood pressure, cholesterol and checking one’s blood sugar status. However, most doctors don’t ever check HRV. There are countless... read more

Have you heard of Juice Plus?

Juice Plus?   We all know that nutrition is very important for staying healthy and you might be following a healthy diet, but are you really eating a balanced nutrient-dense diet? Let’s answer these questions: Are you eating a variety of 30 fruits and vegetables... read more

Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine for Fibromyalgia

Qi Mail™ The Acupuncture Newsletter December 2017 Kenneth Hoffman D.Ac(RI), L.Ac. Sophia Natural Health Center 31 Old Route 7 Brookfield, CT 06784 Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine for Fibromyalgia Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS) affects an estimated 2 percent... read more

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