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Strengthen Your Digestive Health

Qi Mail™ The Acupuncture Newsletter September 2017 Kenneth Hoffman D.Ac(RI), L.Ac. Sophia Natural Health Center 31 Old Route 7 Brookfield, CT 06784 Strengthen Your Digestive Health More than 95 million Americans suffer from digestive disorders ranging from... read more

Low Back & Hip Pain – Success

Low Back & Hip Pain – Success Prior to starting treatments here at SOPHIA in August of 2015, I was always experiencing low back pain for 5 + years and hip pain for 2 + years at night in bed and getting a migraine once a month. Now, I barely think about my... read more

What on earth is earthing?

Earthing? Referred to as Vitamin G or the ground vitamin, the Earth’s energy is an unseen but very powerful foundation for health. The Earth is like a battery that keeps all global life moving in rhythm and balance. That’s the reason why all living things in Nature... read more

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