Get Balanced this Fall with a FREE Health Screening at Sophia!

For the whole month of September, you can call us to schedule your FREE Health Screening! (*A $600 Value!)

The screening will include: 

  • Hormone / Stress Testing
  • Cardio Screening (DPA)
  • PH – Toxicity Screening
  • Mini Consultation

These screenings can help show where your body is out of balance, and our specialists can help figure out the perfect treatment plan for you. At SOPHIA, we are leading providers of Acupuncture, Tui Na, Dietary Therapy, Lifestyle Counseling and so much more. 


What’s Included in Your Health Screening


Hormones / Stress Testing

Stress hormones contribute and have an impact on the overall health of the body. An imbalance can cause fatigue, depression, anxiety, unexplained weight gain, inflammation and pain.

Cardio Screening (DPA)

Conventional testing tends to miss early warning signs of heart health risk. Our FDA registered device is a non-invasive tool that can detect warning signs in both circulation and nervous system health. Proper blood flow is vital for the body to repair itself from any disease condition.

PH – Toxicity Screening

The abundance of toxins in our environment can affect health in a variety of ways including hormone dysfunction, inflammation and a general decline in health.

Mini Consultation

We will discuss the results of the screening as well as our strategies for restoring your body to optimal balance and maintaining this well-being over time.

Register Today!

To sign up for your initial consultating and FREE health screening, please give our office a call today! 

The effectiveness of diagnosis and treatment will vary. SOPHIA Natural Health Center does not guarantee certain results.

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