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Full Spectrum Hemp Extract – Herbal Supplement

Available in 450mg & 900mg.

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CB-EFFEX Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

Due to the vast amount of Hemp products to hit the marketplace, Dr Hoffman wanted to ensure that his patients received the best he could find. That’s why we are proud to offer CB-EFFEX Full Spectrum Hemp oil. The 500-acre farm where CB-EFFEX comes from was also the first legal hemp farm operation in Kentucky, where the farmers grow hemp in healthy conditions.

While our CB-EFFEX supplier sources its extracts from plants grown and processed on American soil, the hemp seeds are imported from Australia, where their scientists, geneticists, and farmers work to develop genetically superior strains of hemp. This leads to a superior, quality product you can count on. Hemp oil is non-addictive and with less than 0.3% THC is non-psychoactive. Our full spectrum oils also contain cold-pressed hemp seed oil, for a truly plant-based ingredient list with a wide range of potential benefits such as sleep issues, anxiety, pain, inflammation and more. As always, consult your healthcare provider to see if Hemp extracts are right for you.

For any of our CBD products, we can offer a detailed Certificate of Analysis that clearly and scientifically proves the quality of the product.

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450mg, 900mg


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