Do you or someone you suffer from pain?

According to new research by the National Institutes of Health, more than 25 million American adults suffer from chronic pain- or pain lasting at least 3 months.

Beyond this fact, we all know that many of us have learned to live with chronic pain. What we also know is that there aren’t many solutions to stop pain- besides drugs (or even surgery). However, in this blog, I will share with you how to naturally and instantly reduce pain.

Pain is in The Brain.

If you break it down, pain is only a signal coming from upstairs- the brain. We all know that there is still a mystery of how the brain works. What we do know is that pain is the language in which the brain uses to communicate.

The sharp and achy sensations you feel are not coming from the local affected area. Rather, they are transmitted by different types of nerve pathways along the brain. For example, when you fall down and hurt your leg, the brain sends the leg extremely throbbing and sharp pain. The purpose of this is simple- to not touch the injured area and et the leg heal.

But why do we feel pain for a long time though- even after the leg was healed?

Weak WiFi

In many chronic pain cases, there is no structural issues going on but the patients is still in agony. On numerous accounts, patients who injured an area twenty years ago are still in pain. Why?

Have you ever had poor WiFi Connection even though you were in your home? Often times, once the injury is healed, the brain keeps sending pain signals. Call it a cliché in the system. Instead, the area is stuck in a viscous pain cycle.

Many times, the root of the problem is not with the local area experiencing pain, but with the brain’s poor WiFi connection.  Due to the weak connection, the brain is unable to release endorphins – natural opioid receptors (hormones to reduce pain).

How can we get the brain to correct the signal and release endorphins?

How Acupuncture Instantly Removes Pain

According to The National Institute of Health, Acupuncture has been the most effective medical modality at removing pain.

But how does Acupuncture instantly remove pain though? Acupuncture promotes blood flow and triggers the brains natural pain-killer response. The most interesting point of all this is how Acupuncture pins are not used locally on the location of pain. Instead, the pins are strategically placed away from the area. By doing this method, the patient gets immediate change in their pain – even on the first treatment.

Most common, the pain goes away to a large degree on the table. However, the pain comes back soon after when the patient leaves. That is very normal.

How any distal Acupuncture method works is by consistently training the brain.

Train The Brain

How long does it take to train the brain with a new habit. Interestingly enough, According to the European Journal of Social Psychology,
“It takes around 66 days to truly ingrain a new habit into your brain.”

In the case of stopping pain, we are seeking to change that habit. In this case, we are seeking to change the strong habit of feeling chronic pain. The consistent Acupuncture treatments train the brain by strengthening the signal in the brain. In this way, the patient’s pain will go away and stay away longer and longer. At some point, the pain goes away entirely.

If you or someone you know is suffering from chronic pain, schedule a free consultation appointment with us at SOPHIA Natural Health Center. Among many of our methods, we use distal Acupuncture to treat the root of the problem. Please call 203-740-9300 and our front desk will find a day and time that works for you!

Christopher Maslowski, L.Ac.
SOPHIA Natural Health Center

*The effectiveness of diagnosis and treatment vary by patient and condition. Sophia Natural Health Center does not guarantee certain results.

The effectiveness of diagnosis and treatment will vary. SOPHIA Natural Health Center does not guarantee certain results.

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