Have you felt the benefits of Acupuncture before?


Often, patients in the clinic experience great results and wish to share it with others. However, many of our patients have trouble conveying how Chinese Medicine works. To be honest, I don’t blame them.


For that reason, patients give up entirely on reaching out to friends and family who need desperately natural health care.


For that reason, this short blog will water down complex Acupuncture concepts so anybody you know can understand.


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Acupuncture Treats The Root


The basic concept and take away from Acupuncture is that, practitioner’s treat the root cause of a problem. The way in which we do so is through pattern diagnosis.* This is different than for instance a western diagnosis. A western physician will diagnose a patient with diseases such as; Sciatica, Bipolar Depression, etc.


Instead, a “Pattern Diagnosis” is based off the function of the body – or lack thereof. In this way, we can effectively help the patient get better by treating the underlying or root cause of the problem.*


Chinese Medicine is Not Just Acupuncture


When most people hear the word Chinese Medicine, they think of one thing – Acupuncture.


However, most don’t know that Acupuncture is only one piece of the puzzle. Thousands of years ago, Chinese Medicine was developed. Since then, after much trial and error, the use of Acupuncture has been integrated alongside four other non-needle disciplines.*


The second discipline is called Tui Na – a type of Chinese medical massage. This is often used to enhance the acupuncture and great for common musculoskeletal issues.


The third system is called Eastern Nutrition – or the philosophy of how to eat a balanced diet. The practitioner advises the patient what foods to eat and what foods to stay away from.  Eastern Nutrition is tailored individually to the patient’s pattern diagnosis.*


The fourth discipline is Herbal Medicine. This is the use of medical grade formulations to treat again – the pattern diagnosis.


Last but not least, the fifth discipline of the medicine is Qi Gong. Qi Gong is a type of rhythmic exercises to improve the flow of blood. When all five disciplines are integrated in one’s health plan, the patient has a greater chance of improving in their progress.*


Acupuncture Promotes Oxygen and Blood Flow


When we think about healing, we must look at two things; blood and oxygen. Every cell, tissue and organ need’s both oxygen and blood to survive. When there is not enough oxygen or blood, the body stops functioning optimally. Oxygen moves the blood and blood carries nutrients. Both of these vital substances are interdependent. In a nutshell,

The effectiveness of diagnosis and treatment will vary. SOPHIA Natural Health Center does not guarantee certain results.

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