We know you are not Tom Brady, but here are some simple tips for staying healthy this Winter.

Winter is here and as we usually see in the practice, it is a season where many tend to lose track of their nutrition and exercise routine because of Holidays, celebrations, weather, travelling, etc. Do not let this happen to you! End the year feeling healthy and start the new one the same way. As a result, when the New Year comes you won’t need to have the popular resolution of getting back on track because you actually never lost track of your health!

The following recommendations are pretty simple but with great benefits for overall health. Remember, this is a lifestyle, so consistency is the key to get the benefits and stay healthy or get healthy!Health

  • Drink plenty of water: water is essential for body functions and optimal health. It helps detoxify and flush toxins out of the body. The daily intake varies per person, but approximately half of your body weight in ounces of water is recommended (example: 100lbs= 50ounces per day average). Your urine should be pale yellow, if it’s not, then you should drink more. The optimal way to hydrate the cells and the body is to drink  2-3 ounces of water every 15mins.
  • Exercise: exercise and movement are very important for overall health. Not only it improves circulation but it also helps detoxify the body, reduces stress, regulates the nervous system, aids lymphatic circulation, helps to burn fat and build muscle, among others. Doing some type of daily exercise is very important for at least 20-25minutes. It is very important that you adjust the exercises based on your health and/or limitations and to consult with your healthcare provider to determine what’s appropriate for you.
  • Eliminate the junk: give your body whole foods and nutrients and you will see the benefits in no time. Eliminate processed sugars and carbohydrates from your body and also processed foods and additives. All these do is disrupt your body’s ability to function optimally while causing damage to the body at the same time. Eat fresh foods; if you go to the store and read a label and you can’t say the word and/or don’t know what it means then it is not good for you.
  • Sleep: sleep is so important for optimal body function. You could be eating the right diet and exercising daily, but if you don’t sleep well your body won’t heal and regenerate. Get into a routine and eliminate triggers that could be disrupting your sleep cycle (for example: electronics, night lights, late bedtime, late meals, sugary foods, caffeine intake, etc.)
  • Breathe: so basic and so essential for the body. Don’t forget to breathe and incorporate breathing exercises into your daily routine as it will help regulate your nervous system.

Always consult with your healthcare provider to determine what your body needs and what’s best for you. We are here to get your body back to health!


Dr. Yarilis Vazquez, ND

Naturopathic Doctor- SOPHIA Natural Health


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