Do you ever look at your tongue? I bet you don’t…

It may sound strange, but next time you go past a mirror, look at your tongue!

I’m not kidding here. Here’s why…

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the tongue is an effective diagnostic method. Its condition helps us to understand a patient’s health.

Weird, right?

But the truth is, the tongue is one of the most precise and useful clinical techniques. It is used to find out what’s going on within the body.

With that, I will now explain five strange secrets about your TONGUE…

1. Your Tongue Is An Ancient Diagnostic Tool

Numero UNO. Back in the day, there were no such thing as thermometers, blood pressure machines. Not one fancy schmancy medical device.

Instead, the physicians of the past looked at specific areas of the body. Looking at the tongue to objectively observe disharmony.

Even today, a Traditional Chinese Medical Doctor will use the tongue to check progress. Getting an idea of the patient’s general health.

2. The Tongue Is A Reflection of Your Whole BodyTongue Diagnosis - INM.Center
In many ways, your tongue is a map of the whole entire body. No joke. If you don’t believe me, I will stick my tongue out at you!

I’m just kidding. Seriously though, the tongue has been used diagnostically for thousands of years by clinicians. Often used to assess different organs of the body.

With that said, the tongue is broken down into three main sections: upper, middle, and lower.


Upper/tip of tongue – Heart & Lungs

Middle of tongue – Spleen, Stomach, Liver, Gallbladder

Lower/base of tongue – Kidneys & Urinary Bladder

3. What’s A Healthy Tongue Look Like?

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but your tongue is worth a million. Well, OK, maybe not a million, but you catch the idea.

Let’s first start off by explaining what a normal and healthy tongue should look like.

A healthy tongue is said to be of a light pink color, thin white coat, and also moist. Anything out of this norm is a signal that something may be up.

4. If You’re Dehydrated, The Tongue Will Tell You

Are you dehydrated? If so, the tongue will show you. This simple secret is one of the easiest to understand..
When you’re dehydrated, the tongue will reflect a “dry” look on the surface. Ordinarily, the tongue should be somewhat moist. If it’s dry, make sure to hydrate.

5. What Does A Red, Pale, Or Purple Tongue Mean?

As mentioned before, a healthy tongue color should be pinkish. If not, something internally may be going on. To understand this, let’s break it down as simple as possible.

Let’s discuss three main tongue colors; red, purple, and pale.

A red tongue – excess heat in the body.

A purple tongue – poor circulation due to internal stagnation

A pale tongue – excess of internal cold.

Right now, go to a mirror and check out your tongue. What do you see?

Dr. Chris, L.Ac


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