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Have you ever heard of the “China Study?”


If you haven’t, I will soon quickly go over some scary findings from the study that will have you in utter disbelief.

Let’s rewind for a sec. Did you know that the major causes of death in America are due to Heart Disease?

If you did, awesome!

It’s real, about 40% of deaths per year are attributed to a cardiovascular related disease. If you think about it, that’s almost half of the mortality rates in America.

On the other spectrum, another study proves that diet and lifestyle alone can prevent cardiovascular disease by a staggering 95%. Wow!

Having said that, the “China Study” magnifies all the sad truths behind the Standard American Diet (SAD). The study does this by illustrating the subtle differences between American and Asian diets.

Let’s now go over 3 scary differences between American and Asian diets…

Asian Diets

  1. The HEART of The Matter


The reason I added the cardiovascular statistics is because the Standard American Diet is greatly contributing to the rise of heart disease.

Knowing this, here is the first fact from the “China Study.”

A middle aged American men are 1700% more likely to die from cardiovascular disease than middle age Asian men.

For this reason alone, this is the real HEART of the matter with the American diet.


  1. Fast Fact about Fiber


Americans consume 70% less fiber than in the average Chinese diet.

The recommended intake is between 20 and 38 grams of total fiber per day, depending on your age and gender. To be on the safe side, 25 grams being a realistic goal for most people.
However, the average American consumes a low 14 grams of fiber a day – and many eat even less

  1. Calcium Is Not Always The Answer


Here is the last scary statistic from the study. American women consume 50% more calcium than Asian women, but have higher rates of osteoporosis – or bone loss. Strange, right?
Most Americans forget that Calcium is not the only mineral needed for bone production and management.
Instead, magnesium is necessary to convert vitamin D into its active form so that it can turn on calcium absorption. Did you know that?
If you look deeply at the Asian diet, you will find an array of foods very high in magnesium.


Bottom line, calcium is not always the answer – in regards to bone health.


In conclusion, the differences between the American and the Asian diet are downright scary!

To learn how to implement simple East-Asian diet secrets to improve your health, look out for my next article.

To be continued…


Chris Maslowski, L.Ac.


-Campbell, T. Colin. Campbell, M. Thomas; The China Study: Starling Implications for Diet, Weight Loss And Long-Term Health. 2005


-Yusuf set al. Corset. 2004, Sep 11; 364 (9438): 937-52.


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