Thank You for Being There


Hi Dr. Ken & the SOPHIA Natural Health Team,


I just wanted to thank you for being my “sanctuary” on Tuesday night after the violent storm ripped through Brookfield. As I was stuck on Federal Road with no passable way back to my home, I instinctively turned into your parking lot, seeking shelter, solace, and safety.


Lisa and the gang were so gracious to let me use the bathroom, hang out and have a cup of tea (and even fed me salad) until I could try to make my way through the disaster zone that Brookfield was that night. I read children’s books with Tatiane’s adorable son to pass the time and feel grounded at the moment. It took me 2 hours to get home (usually a 10-minute ride).


I’m truly grateful, not only for your professional healing service over these many years but for your friendship and your caring staff.


SOPHIA was a haven in the midst of the storm for me.


Blessings & Thanks, – Gloria

Monday, May 21st, 2018, Gloria O.


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