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Patients looking for a holistic alternative to healing their body from the inside out.* Unlike acupuncture needles, intradermal needles are short and remain in the patient’s skin for hours after the initial treatment. We serve patients throughout Greater Danbury including Brookfield, Ridgefield and New Milford.*
Dr. Kenneth Hoffman, DAOM, L.Ac.

Dr. Kenneth Hoffman, DAOM, L.Ac.

Our Medical Director and Founder

Ken Hoffman is a Doctor of Acupuncture and a specialist in Natural Medical Care. In 1991, he began private training under the tutelage of a Taoist medical and qi gong master where he began learning the art of Chinese healing. This culminated in a sabbatical to Taiwan where he lived and studied Chinese healing arts in Chi Nan Temple.

He then completed a 4 year Chinese medical school program with an internship at St. John’s Riverside Hospital in Yonkers, NY. His post-graduate specialties included study with some the best doctors in functional medicine where he focused on the integration of western bio-medicine including blood chemistry analysis, endocrinology and the use of Medical Infrared Thermography.

He has performed more than 18,000 acupuncture treatments on over 7,000 patients since starting his practice which has now grown into the busiest clinic of its kind in the state of Connecticut.

What is Intradermal Acupuncture and How Does it Work?

Intradermal needles are very thin that are used on specific points of the body, often the ears (auricular acupuncture). Inserted to a very shallow depth in the skin (1-3 mm), these needles are left in place and covered with waterproof tape.

In addition, they often stay in place for extended periods of time — sometimes up to three days. They often treat chronic conditions as well,

  • Nausea
  • Soreness
  • Headaches
  • Arrhythmia
  • Overall pain
  • Encourages collagen production

This treatment is painless and held with hypoallergenic tape for days, it is safe for the patient to remove the needles themself. Intradermal needles are not only used for healing, but they may also be used for cosmetic reasons. The thin needles can stimulate collagen, reach out to Sophia to learn more about how intradermal needles can treat scarring and wrinkles.

Types of Intradermal Needles

The intradermal needle helps extend the effectiveness of acupuncture treatments by remaining in the patient’s skin after the treatment. There are two varieties of intradermal needles: the straight intradermal needle and the press tack. The straight type was invented by Dr. Kobei Akabane in Japan, and the press tack was invented in China. 

    How is Intradermal Acupuncture Beneficial?

    Acupuncture therapy using intradermal needles has been shown to greatly improve muscle soreness, various localized pain, as well as lethargy. Due to their small size, intradermal needles are also ideal for insertion to many acupuncture points found within the outer ear that are known to alleviate pain throughout the body—from the top of the head to the kidneys, esophagus, and the tips of the toes.


    Why Choose SOPHIA for Intradermal Acupuncture Treatments?

    Our Acupuncturists have years of experience helping patients improve their health. At Sophia Natural Health it is our mission to heal patients from the inside out. We proudly serve Brookfield, Ridgefield, New Milford, and all greater Danbury.

    Our health providers help you repair, improve and preserve your health. Our approach to health, called Integrative Natural Medicine, is what makes us different. Dr. Kenneth Hoffman, DAOM, L.Ac. uses the best of ancient wisdom and modern science.*


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