It is hard to separate fact from fiction regarding the Covid-19 virus. Since the beginning, we have been combing all known, factual data on a daily basis and avoiding media sources that are just flaming fear. With that said, we still don’t know the trajectory of the virus nor the behavior it will ultimately take. But at present, we don’t see a reason for the mass hysteria in the US.

Our professional opinion is that while there are still many unknowns, we believe that you should start by embracing the same precautions that we had already suggested for this year’s flu. We have a handout available that we give out every year. Please ask our front desk for a copy. In addition, we believe that there is a population that is at a higher risk and should be hyper vigilant. This includes seniors, immunocompromised individuals, those with chronic respiratory conditions, cancer, heart disease and diabetes. The numbers of cases will definitely increase (average time of incubation is 5.6 days before symptoms occur). But, the fact is, most people with normal health, who contract this virus will get flu-like symptoms and then recover.

Keeping Our Office Safe

While we were already prepared for this year’s flu, we have decided to take additional precautions to keep our environment safe for our patients including:

  1. Increasing our daily full office surface disinfection procedures 1 time per day to 3 times per day. As always, we change the rooms after each patient and wipe down surfaces, call buttons, etc.
  2. Any staff members who show any symptoms of illness are sent home until clear.
  3. We are temporarily suspending any cold/flu treatments and engaging protective protocols. We ask that, if in doubt, patients call our office for advice. This means:
    • If you have any respiratory symptoms and fever (>100 F/ >37.8 C)  you should remain home from school/work until there is no fever for 24 hours, without the use of fever medication or other symptom altering medications (such as cough suppressants).
    • Those with coughs that are not typical for them and that are productive (i.e., they spew respiratory droplets) should stay home even if there is no fever. They may return when the cough improves (and not longer than 14 days, unless there are new symptoms).
    • If you have been to or have been in contact with someone who has recently traveled from China, Iran, Italy, Japan, or South Korea within the past two weeks should stay home for 14 days, beginning the day they departed that country.
  4. We are enacting a temporary Tele-consult program. If you are sick, instead of coming to the office, we will consult you by phone to advise you on what to do in regards to activities that will help you recover quickly and fully.

What We Recommend

For the past 3 years, I have recommended our signature Immune Boosting Protocol. This is a great preventative and has had wonderful success with the seasonal flu. It still applies to Covid-19 as well. It includes:

  • ImmuneMax 2 caps twice per day
  • Vit D 500 IU per day
  • Zinc Supreme 1 cap per day(unless deficient)**
  • Vit C Biofizz- 1/8 tsp/ day (unless sick)
  • Optional: burn moxa at Acupoint ST36

**If you are unclear of your Zinc status, take the non-invasive Zinc Tally Test (offered at our office). After the results we will suggest a dosage.

LASTLY, you may not avoid getting the flu or virus but we are here to help. We will continue to update you as new information arises.  And rather than “self-treat” please call our office if you are sick and we are happy to guide you on doses of supplements and herbs as well as activities to help it pass quickly.

Please contact us with any questions at 203-740-9300.

All the best,

Dr Kenneth Hoffman, DACM. L.Ac
Medical Director


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The effectiveness of diagnosis and treatment will vary. SOPHIA Natural Health Center does not guarantee certain results.

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