Allergies and Integrative Natural Medicine

Allergies sufferers know the pain of seasonal itchy, watery eyes, stuffy noses and fatigue. More and more people are becoming allergic to foods, environmental factors and even their own houses and pets. The standard medical approach usually involves injections or drugs. These can have some serious and surprising side effects:

1. Low libido
2.Decreased growth rate in kids
3. Increased chance of developing cataracts
4. Osteoporosis and Diabetes

You could also experience anxiety, impaired thinking or depression.

At INM, we believe that by treating the source of the problem, you can restore the body and make it impenetrable to allergens. Our track record of thousands of patients shows us this can be done through our integrative approach.

One of our techniques, acupuncture, has a direct effect on the central nervous system. It allows the body to release powerful pain relievers and opioids reawakening a dormant body. This is not giving energy to areas. This is allowing the body to self-regulate what it could not before do. When the body is injured or cannot maintain itself it shuts down the nervous transmission and blood flow to any area. This protects the nervous system so it will not overload it. It stores the irritant away so that it can deal with it at a later time when it has the resources to do so. The problem is that the irritant is silently and drastically impinging upon the system. Thus creating a frail internal environment. This is why people seem to suddenly be in state of disease when in reality it was happening for many years.

Allergies are stressors to the body. Any stress whether emotional, physical or environmental irritates all the systems of the body. This creates internal chaos and a lack of blood flow. This is especially true in cases of chronic allergies. Minimizing into mild symptoms or medicated away with antihistamines. This is not a natural process. The younger we are the more we have an adept system that has not had the life stressors accumulating on the systems. If only the allergy symptoms are treated, as we age, it affects more and more systems of the body. Leaving us unhealthy with a variety of conditions, but treating the body will treat the root.

Acupuncture in itself is a powerful tool. Combined with dietary, lifestyle and herbal attributes it can deliver remarkable results. In essence this is Asian or Oriental medicine at its heart. It is never one aspect that creates health or disease. Instead it is the symphonic nature of all aspect of life that either will nurture or destroy us.

The body is living organism that requires constant reeducation. Old patterns take time to unlearned. Once the body relearns the patterns of health, the symptoms disappear. This is true whether it is allergies or any other health condition.

Ken Hoffman, D.Ac(RI), L.Ac
Medical Director Sophia Natural Health Center, CT
Radio Host “The Natural Medicine Connection” 800AM WLAD

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The effectiveness of diagnosis and treatment will vary. SOPHIA Natural Health Center does not guarantee certain results.

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