Natural Treatments for Chronic Pain

We here at Sophia Natural Health can recommend you and other Connecticut residents customized treatment plans for those suffering from Chronic Pain in the area. We are here to help change the course of your current health state.*


If you are someone who suffers from chronic pain, understand that you’re not alone. Chronic Pain affects eight out of ten American adults. Many people have chosen to seek proper treatment to fight back against pain in areas such as the back, knee, and neck. Schedule an appointment with one of our many trusted natural health specialists at Sophia today.

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Potential Treatments for Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain is a difficult condition to live with. However, Sophia Natural Health Center does have the expertise to help ease your painful symptoms. Certain treatment plans will be discussed, ranging from relaxation techniques, dietary training, and exercising to help you maintain your schedule, and get your health and sleep back on track. Sophia will work with you to help determine which treatment best suits your needs.*


Tiny, sterilized needles are inserted into various points of your body to relieve pain and stimulate relaxation.

Lifestyle Counseling

We help people change their habits and routines in order to improve your current health condition.


An herb mugwort is burned near the patient’s skin to increase circulation and warm the area.

Dietary Therapy

We will coach you to change your diet to help relieve your symptoms of chronic pain.


This therapy uses heated glass cups placed along the body’s meridians to pull out toxins, and promote energy flow.

Tui Na

A theraputic massage that works well in combination with acupuncture, and helps to increase the flow of blood in an area.

Herbal Therapy

We use custom herbal remedies to treat any patient’s conditions affecting them and their natural healing power.


A type of heat therapy that relaxes muscles and increases blood circulation with deep body tissue.

Manual Therapy

A type of massage therapy where soft tissue and joints are manipulated for pain relief.

Success Story for Chronic Pain

We strive to help our patients feel the best they can at Sophia Natural Health Center.* Here are testimonials that some of our former patients have given us that show how our treatments have improved our patients’ lives:

“My thumbs and knees hurt so much that I couldn’t open jars and I walked with a cane. After abdominal surgery, complicated with pneumonia, I thought I would never walk again. Most days my thumbs have zero pain! My knees are healed! No long walk with a cane and I am able to walk at a brisk pace.” – Susan R.

I am a healthy person, so when the following symptoms came back, I knew that something was wrong… After 3 months, I feel like my “old” self. (Within) a few days of treatments here, I noticed how much better I felt. Things progressively improved, I believe the Cowden protocol purged & detoxed my system and aided in my healing. I also believe that the acupuncture unblocked my stuck pathways and allowed my immune system to get back into gear so that it could fight this illness and gradually restore my health.” – M.S.

Symptoms & Causes Of Depression

Chronic pain may not have one root cause, but could be an accumulation of issues as you age over the years. But before you decide it is hopeless to treat your condition, here are some of the reasons our patients have come in for:

  • Physical conditions a patient may have been born with such as GERD or IBS.
  • Injury in a work or recreational incident that never fully healed.
  • Diseases such as the flu and Lyme disease may bring pain temporarily or permanently.
  • Sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia.

Your Different Treatment Options


Acupuncture is a form of alternative medicine where sterilized needles are inserted into your acupressure points to create more energy flow in your body.* When done properly, acupuncture is designed to help you feel relief from chronic pain and can be used to treat a wide array of ailments.*

Tui Na

A massage therapy that utilizes acupuncture to relieve pain within the patient by increasing blood flow throughout the body.* Our specialists will carefully manipulate your soft tissue and joints to stimulate your acupressure points and help your chi flow through your body in order to help lessen the pain you may feel.*

Relaxation Therapy

One way you could potentially relieve symptoms of chronic pain is with relaxation therapy. Breathing exercises, muscle relaxation, mindfulness and meditation can help combat some of the causes of chronic pain.* Whether the symptoms are physical or psychosomatic, relaxation therapy can help you relieve your pain.*


A common remedy to chronic pain can be more exercise, as long as your doctor is okay with you performing it.* Exercise improves physical and mental health, more so when combined with a healthy diet.* Light exercises such as stretching the afflicted areas daily, small amounts of weightlifting and 20 minutes of cardio per day may help relieve some of the strain on your body.*

Your Trusted Natural Specialist for Chronic Pain

At Sophia Natural Health, we strive to help our patients suffering from chronic pain, using holistic therapies. During your initial consultation, you will meet with our health provider who will develop a customized therapy plan for your chronic pain. Reach out to us to get started.*

*The effectiveness of diagnosis and treatment will vary. Sophia Natural Health Center does not guarantee certain results

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The effectiveness of diagnosis and treatment will vary. SOPHIA Natural Health Center does not guarantee certain results.

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