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We at Sophia Natural Health Center use Integrative Natural Medicine to provide a different approach to holistic medicine. By using modern diagnostic technology combined with natural, alternative medicine, we can provide a personalized health plan to fit your needs.*


If you want to improve your physical, mental, spiritual, or emotional health, consider contacting the medical specialists at Sophia Natural Health Center. Through the use of integrative natural medicine, we work with you to develop a personalized health plan that uses natural and traditional medicine. We aim to improve the health of your body and mind to improve your quality of life.*

Here at Sophia, our medical specialists help our Washington patients by finding the root of your problem, and create a customized health plan to improve your current condition.*

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Our Office Serving Washington, CT

 31 Old Rte 7, Brookfield, CT 06804

Phone: (203) 740-9300

Hours of Operation:
Monday: 8:30AM – 6PM
Tuesday: 1:00PM – 5PM
Wednesday: 8:30AM – 6PM
Thursday: 11:00AM – 6PM
Friday: 8:30AM – 12PM
Saturday: 8:30AM – 12PM                                Sunday: Closed

Conditions We Treat

Natural Integrative Medicine has been known to help alleviate a variety of physical and mental conditions. Once our specialists have found the source of your ailment, they will work with you to develop a natural health plan tailored to your condition.*

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is typically defined as any pain that goes on for weeks, months, or years. This kind of pain is generally the result of nerve damage.


Anxiety generally refers to a sense of worry or concern that can persist and is typically a symptom of a larger issue.

Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular diseases are typically related to the heart. Examples of this sort of condition include diseased vessels, blood clots, and chronic high blood pressure.


Depression is a form of mental illness that is characterized by moderate to severe negative thoughts about oneself, life, or both.


Insomnia can make it difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep, and can result in moodiness and fatigue.

Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease, also known as borreliosis, is an infectious disease transmitted to humans via blacklegged ticks.


Those with fatigue generally experience a lack of physical energy, mental energy, or both, even with what is considered a normal amount of sleep.

Digestion Problems

These kind of problems are typically the result of something amiss in the digestive tract. Common types of digestive problems include GERD, IBD, and IBS.

Sports & Accident Injuries

A physical injury, such as a sprain or muscle strain, that typically results from overuse, incorrect use, or lack of stretching.

Acupuncturists & Natural Health Specialists Serving Washington, CT

Our experienced medical specialists use a combination of Traditional Medical Diagnostics, Western Medicine, and natural integrative medicine to treat our Washington patients. Our founder, Dr. Kenneth Hoffman, has alleviated the conditions of thousands of patients using techniques like acupuncture from Traditional Chinese Medicine. Base on the source of your illness, we will develop a personalized health plan.*

Dr. Kenneth Hoffman, DAOM, L.Ac.

Dr. Kenneth Hoffman, DAOM, L.Ac.

Our Medical Director and Founder

Ken Hoffman is a Doctor of Acupuncture and a specialist in Natural Medical Care. In 1991, he began private training under the tutelage of a Taoist medical and qi gong master where he began learning the art of Chinese healing.

He then completed a 4 year Chinese medical school program with an internship at St. John’s Riverside Hospital in Yonkers, NY. He has performed more than 18,000 acupuncture treatments on over 7,000 patients since starting his practice which has now grown into the busiest clinic of its kind in the state of Connecticut.

The system of Medicine he has founded, Integrative Natural Medicine, is a unique blend of his years of experience and combines the best of eastern medicine and modern functional medical sciences.

Your Different Treatment Options

Acupuncture Services in Washington, CT

A healthy body is dependent on a balance in the flow of energetic forces known, in Traditional Chinese Medicine, as yin and yang, or Qi energy. By inserting thin, sterile needles into some, or many, of the hundreds of acupuncture points in the body, acupuncture can help heal the body by aligning and balancing these forces out.*

Secondary Acupuncture Therapies


Cupping is a method of stimulating the flow of energy, as well as blood flow, in order to relieve soreness or pain in a specific area. This is done by placing heated glass, or bamboo, cups over the affected area in order to create a vacuum seal that breaks up stagnation and promotes the healing process. This process can be done with wet cups, as well as dry cups depending on the needs of our Washington patients.*


Diathermy can help residents of Washington in relieving muscle and joint pain. This form of therapy works by sending high-frequency electric currents into deep tissues in order generate heat within deep tissue. This procedure can help alleviate pain by removing damaged tissue, promoting flexibility, and increasing blood flow in order to accelerate the healing process.*


Moxibustion is a technique in Traditional Chinese Medicine that makes use of an herb called mugwort. By burning mugwort over the affected area, Washington patients may be able to experience relief from the resulting stimulation of blood flow.*

Tui Na

Sophia Natural Health Center also offers a type of therapeutic massage called Tui Na. This technique based in Traditional Chinese Medicine stimulates and manipulates the flow of Qi throughout the body, much like acupuncture. In many cases it may be used as a substitute for acupuncture in situations where acupuncture is not possible. For example, people who are afraid of needles may prefer this method.*

Dietary Therapy in Washington, CT

Sophia Natural Health Center also offers access to Dietary Therapy, also known as Chinese Dietary Therapy, in order to help manage our Washington patient’s nutritional intake. In this way, we can help our patients manage their condition through their diet to fit their personalized health plans.*

This could be for the purpose of losing weight in order to alleviate symptoms of your condition, but can also mean filling in gaps of nutritional deficiency. Mainly, however, this is a process of managing the intake of your food to reach and maintain balance in your yin and yang energies.*  

Herbal Medicine & Supplementation in Washington, CT

Our medical specialists can also offer assistance to our patients by providing a personalized health plan that includes herbal medicine and modern supplementation. This way, we can help you by managing the vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that you put into your body.*

Sophia Natural Health Center offers more than integrative natural medicine. We also offer years of experience serving patients with the use of herbal and natural medicines. Our physicians provide access and knowledge about how to live a naturally healthy life.*

Lifestyle Counseling in Washington, CT

We offer lifestyle counseling to all of our Washington patients, no matter what condition they end up coming to us for. Anyone can benefit from lifestyle counseling in order to encourage a healthier body and mind. We will work with you to change bad habits into good ones in order to help regulate sleep and alleviate stress.*

Your Natural Medicine Specialist Serving Washington, CT

The medical specialists at Sophia Natural Health Center work with our Washington patients to develop personalized treatment plans to address specific conditions using holistic and natural integrative medicine.*
*The effectiveness of diagnosis and treatment will vary. Sophia Natural Health Center does not guarantee certain results

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The effectiveness of diagnosis and treatment will vary. SOPHIA Natural Health Center does not guarantee certain results.

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