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In every crisis, there is tremendous opportunity. Join me and I’ll show you how to use this time to dramatically boost your immune system, reduce your stress and anxiety, and become the BEST version of yourself

- Dr. Eli Morales -

The THT Bootcamp is a 6 week online coaching program that will help you
Heal Your Life on ALL Levels.

THT stands for Total Health Transformation. This isn’t just about managing your symptoms… or putting a bandaid on your stress. THT is about self-optimization. Over a 6 week period, I will personally guide you through this trying and uncertain time so that you have all of the tools needed to not only survive, but thrive in your daily life. If you’re stuck at home, you might as well use this time to your advantage, right?

I get it. These are difficult times. The future is uncertain. The world around us sometimes feels like it’s unraveling. If you’re at all like many of my clients, you are worried about your health during this time. You wonder what can possibly be done to prevent getting the Corona virus. You see your friends and family expressing the same concerns.

Now more than ever, it’s crucial to take exceptional care of yourself. The truth is, many of us put our health on the backburner. We prioritize work, family, and the needs of others over our own well-being. This whole situation is a wake up call to focus on what really matters! After all, without your health, what do you really have?

Over the past few years, I’ve had the good fortune of helping hundreds of clients overcome chronic health issues. I’ve seen it all: Autoimmune conditions, stress, anxiety, and depression, weigth loss challenges, hormonal and digestive problems… you name it.

While Western medicine has its time and place, it’s not going to help you heal your chronic stress-related health challenges right now. That’s where I come in. Using a combination of nutritional therapy, guided stress reduction, and lifestyle coaching, I can help you heal where so many other approaches come up short.

Let me make one thing clear: This program is NOT a luxury. Now more than ever, your health MUST come first. The last thing I want is to see you self-destruct during this time. Whether it’s food addiction, sugar, weight gain, chronic worry, insomnia, depression, or digestive problems, most people are going to let themselves go right now. They are going to crumble under the weight of stress and uncertainty that is plaguing our world.
What about you? Do you have the tools, knowledge, and support to not only survive, but to thrive in times of adversity? Are you going to do what everyone else does… and watch your emotional and physical health deteriorate? I know I’m giving you some tough love with these questions, but this is a serious matter.

You’re here because you’re ready to do something about it. The government won’t save you. The healthcare system won’t save you. Honestly, I can’t save you either…. but what I CAN do is give you a treasure trove of guidance and wisdom to help you save yourself. I’m going to show you exactly how to:

  • boost your immune system to be as strong as humanly possible
  • clear out unwanted anxiety, stress, and depression (without relying on meds)
  • shed off uwanted pounds and feel confident and attractive
  • heal your digestion and boost your metabolism
  • boost your energy, mood, and mental focus
  • optimize your body and mind so you can enjoy lifelong health and wellness

Your health is a choice. Join me in the THT Bootcamp and let’s spend the next 6 weeks together creating the BEST version of yourself possible. Once you see how easy and fun this process can be, you’ll kick yourself that you didn’t start much sooner!

  • Heal Your Mind, Body, and Soul

    You’ll get access to an amazing online library of personal development training. This toolkit is exactly what you need to clear out stress, anxiety, and depression, during this time.

  • Guided Meditation Practice

    You’ll get access to a series of guided meditations you can use in your daily life. These are profoundly powerful techniques to keep you centered and aware.

  • Guided Exercise

    Dr. Eli will show you how to set up a daily exercise practice from the comfort of your home.

  • Nutritional Guidance You Can Trust

    Dr. Eli will show you exactly what kinds of foods to eat to boost your immune system, lose weight, and feel amazing!

  • Get Customized Support

    Dr. Eli will answer your questions within the Facebook group and on the Zoom meetings, at a fraction of the cost of working with him in his local practice!

  • Supportive Community

    If you’re worried about feeling isolated during this time, this is the solution! Join our amazing community as part of the THT Facebook group and interact with others during live Zoom meetings.

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The Program Structure

Each week, there will be a different focus in the Bootcamp. By the end of 6 weeks, you’ll have alll the tools you need for a lifetime of radiant well-being, vitality, tranquility, and unshakable happiness.

Week 1

It all starts here. Week 1 is all about making some immediate changes to get you the best results fast. You’ll leave this week with a whole new understanding of self-care. You’ll be able to shift out of harmful habits and establish positive momentum right away.

Week 2

Dr. Eli will lay out a powerful nutritional plan that is doable, affordable, and enjoyable. He will share all of his best secrets to use food as a powerful tool to heal your body and mind. You’ll also get access to meal plans and recipes to make this super easy for you.

Week 3

Now it’s time to eliminate stress and anxiety! Dr. Eli will show you how to use meditation and breathing exercises to induce a profound state of inner calmness and confidence during this trying time. You’ll also get some powerful mindset coaching to keep you accountable and inspired!

Week 4

We are going to deepen your understanding of healing through nutrition. Dr. Eli is going to lay out a juicing and smoothie plan for you, along with revealing the power of nutritional supplementation.

Week 5

This week is dedicated to exercise and movement. You’ll learn movements that are proven to strengthen your body, clear unwanted weight, and boost your metabolism. These practices are also extremely powerful for your mental and emotional health.

Week 6

Now it’s time to create a long-term game plan for lasting health and peace of mind. The Bootcamp is only 6 weeks, but the results will last a lifetime! Dr. Eli will help you create a lifestyle plan that you can easily use for as long as you live.

NOW is the time to put your health first.

- Dr. Eli Morales -

About Dr. Eli Morales

Dr. Eli Morales, N.D., is a nationally licensed naturopathic doctor with practices in New York and Connecticut. He chose this path because he strongly believes that approaching wellness from a natural health perspective is a vital missing component of the healthcare system.

His approach to health treats the root cause of your health concerns. He educates clients to balance their diet, improve physiological function, reduce pain and stress, and achieve optimal health.

It is his mission to educate and empower people just like you, so you can feel your best, take control of your health and live the life you want to live.


What happens after I sign up?
You’ll get an immediate email confirmation with all of the details you need to get started.
How long do I have access to all of the content?
You have lifelong access so you can review all of the resources whenever you want.
Can I join this program from anywhere in the world?
Yes! As long as you have internet connection, you can sign up and get all of the benefits.
How much time do I need to dedicate to the program each week?
You’ll want to set aside about 40-60 minutes to watch the videos, then another 30-60 minutes a day to implement the suggestions.
I don’t know anything about yoga, meditation, or raw foods. It sounds a bit scary.
Dr. Eli will make this FUN for you! The bootcamp is designed for beginners as well as those more experienced with these approaches.
What happens if I get behind?
No worries! You can always catch up on your own time. The bootcamp is about getting the best results possible within 6 weeks, but even more than that, it’s about creating lasting wellness for the rest of your life.
I’m… just… not… sure.
I get it! It can be scary to invest in new things. But let me ask you, how much is your health worth? How long have you already put off your own self-care? How important is it to you to get through this time in a way that you come out the other side a better, healthier, more confident version of yourself? Enough said, right? Plus, if you’re at all dissatisfied with the quality of the program, you can always email us and get a full refund within the first 30 days 🙂


I found the course a tremendous help as far as revisiting familiar practices that have cycled out of my current repertoire. While much of the information was not new to me, I was re-inspired to try new practices and to look at my current lifestyle with more objectivity. Of course, there were pearls of information I picked up along the way. Our lifestyles are practices that need refreshing and reviewing from time to time. Honestly, the timing of this course couldn’t have been more perfect. It definitely helped me get back on track and gave my efforts a more defined purpose. I love working with Dr. Eli. His compassionate, gentle approach to health is reassuring and motivating. Now, having finished the course, I have the resources at hand, and can refer to them at any time. I would highly recommend this course, even if you think you already know this information. There’s always room to learn something new, and where better than in a safe, caring environment?

– Michele.

I wanted to thank you so much for this experience. I am so glad I was able to participate in the boot camp. I found so much of it very helpful. Just a few things that for me were so awesome. When during exercise week you mentioned shrink the change it hit very close to home. I tend to be an all or nothing kind of personality. That has definitely not served me well in the exercise department. Now I just commit to exercising every day. I don’t attach a specific amount of time to it. So far I always do longer than I start out planning for. For me personally it took so much of the stress about it away and made it game changer. I do something physical every day. I even listened to your remarks and now do squats and lunges every time I cook dinner. I was also open to meeting myself Exactly where I am currently, ( which was hard at first) chair exercising a bit embarrassing. I now know that each day I get stronger and build up better endurance. The other thing for me which is honestly the most critical is doing the steps to manage my stress. When my stress is in check the other steps, food, exercise, and sleep are so much easier for me to manage successfully. It is critical for my overall health and continued success with my weight loss goals. Meditating ( which I do twice a day) has given me back something I lost awhile back for personal reasons, reading. I really had such a hard time focusing because my mind was always making lists etc while I was trying to read. Not anymore. I am reading and my head is clear. I read 4 books in 6 days, and yes I got to the beach twice by myself to read. It was awesome.

– Heather

Breakthrough! That’s how I would describe the impact of your THT Boot Camp. For several years, I have read books, watched YouTube videos, and tried various methods of improving my health. I would try things but not much really “stuck.” The one exception is that I have managed to maintain intermittent fasting for well over a year. But I had plateaued in terms of making progress to become more fit.

The THT Boot Camp worked for me. The six-week program seems a perfect length because it is short enough that I felt I could really commit to it, yet long enough to help establish patterns and habits. I have managed to establish several new lifestyle changes and habits. Almost all of these I already knew were good for me, but I hadn’t managed to incorporate them into my life.

My successes: starting my mornings by reading my wellness vision and engaging in guided meditation; doing 20 minutes of exercise that I enjoy that elevates my heart rate; avoiding refined carbohydrates; [I had already been doing intermittent fasting of 16:8 and OMAD, but I kept this up]; pretty much taking grains out of my diet; and food combining.

These changes have been transformative for me. During the Covid-19 closures, I had started to slide into bad habits of indulging in sweet treats and junk food as a kind of soothing or reward for being stuck at home; and my level of physical activity had been reduced to almost zero since the activities of daily life like going up and down the stairs at work or walking from the parking lot to the workplace were gone. So my health had been moving in the wrong direction during the stay at home orders. I was already concerned about my blood sugar levels since diabetes runs in my family, and now in my 60s, I knew that I was setting myself for an unhealthy aging process. I turned these patterns around with the Bootcamp and am now feeling healthier than I have in years.

I appreciated the thoughtfulness of the program design. Having participants write their vision statement in the present tense and also having the daily review of the vision statement really made a difference, I believe. The pacing of the weekly assignments was just right for me; enough challenge to keep forward momentum, but also not asking for the impossible or creating discouragement. Your gentle demeanor and encouragement to participants to just try their best were part of the success of the program.

Thank you for this experience! It has been transformative for me

– Ellen

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Copyright 2020 Dr. Eli Morales

In accordance with FTC guidelines, we can not guarantee a specific outcome or result from this program. The clients who get the best results are accountable, committed, and work hard on the healing process. This is NOT a magic bullet. You will need to follow the suggestions and dedicate ample time to the weekly modules in order to experience significant change. Dr. Eli will not be held responsible for the inappropriate implementation of her health suggestions. Please note that this program is NOT designed to treat any specific medical issue. Be sure to consult with your medical doctor if you are in need of help for specific health concerns.

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