Organic Imported Teas


We have a variety of organic teas imported from Taiwan exclusively for our clinic.



Organic teas imported from Taiwan exclusively for our clinic:

Supreme Dragon Pearl Green Tea:
A Naturally floral flavor, slightly sweet when brewed correctly, and has a very fragrant aroma. The health benefits of Supreme Dragon Pearl Green Tea include: high in antioxidants, reduces inflammation and aging in the body. Contain catechins, which can kill bacteria and inhibit viruses like the influenza virus, potentially lowering your risk of infections. Catechins also can improve your dental health by killing bacteria that causes tooth decay. It also reduces anxiety, boosts metabolism and increases fat burning in the short term, reduces insulin sensitivity and reduce blood sugar levels. It also has been shown to lower total and LDL cholesterol, as well as protect the LDL particles from oxidation.

Organic Oolong Tea:
This tea is usually served after meals to aid in digestion. The taste is more complex and rich, and the tea feels wetter due to the lower amount of tannins compared to a green tea. This tea is easier on the stomach and varies in flavor. Organic Oolong Tea provides Potassium, Calcium, Zinc, Magnesium, Iron, Manganese, Phosphorus, Fluorine and Vitamin C. It has been known to prevent cancer, diabetes, and osteoporosis. It also removes body toxins. It slows the cellular aging process, improves metabolism, relieves stress, and promotes energy. Oolong tea improves digestion, protects the body from cardiovascular atherosclerosis, reduces body fat, and improves gallbladder function. Like all Chinese teas, Oolong is brimming with antioxidants.

Aged Puerh Tea:
This tea is very earthy, and grounding. The flavor is full and soft, it feels the wettest, due to the tease preparation. Puerh Tea’s scent is musty, and is similar to an old basement. Aged Puerh tea has been shown to lower cholesterol, treat metabolic syndrome by improving obesity, beneficially adjusting blood lipids, lowering blood sugar and preventing oxidation of cholesterol plaque. Researchers recently discovered that puerh tea inhibited tumor growth through a variety of mechanisms, and has a similar amount of antioxidants as green tea, and oolong tea. Puerh tea is fermented and contains a microorganism called Aspergillus Niger; it helps reduce excess fat from the intestines, especially after heavy meals. It also contains Saccharomyces, which also helps prevent the growth of bad bacteria in the body.


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