Muco Coccinum




Muco Coccinum is a homeopathic preparation that is specifically formulated for the prevention and treatment of colds, flu-like symptoms and respiratory ailments. Each tablet contains ingredients that reduce symptoms including mucus production, fever and chills. Muco Coccinum can be used preventively as well as therapeutically at the first sign of the flu.

Additional information


Branhamella catarrhalis (Mucotoxin) 200K, Influenzinum 200K, Klebsiella pneumoniae 200K, Micrococcus tetragenous 200K.

K is a homeopathic dilution.

Suggested Use

Preventively, adults let 1 tablet dissolve underneath the tongue every 2 weeks starting early in autumn and proceeding the winter period. For children, the tablet can be dissolved in a bit of slightly mineralized water and sipped.

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