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I first came to SOPHIA Natural Health Center in August 2013 with a fibroid of the uterus. I had been treated for this with kinesiology, and thought it would go away but it would always come back. My experience here so far has been great! Dr. Ken and the rest of the staff are the best group of people ever, who care and give their all. My belly feels ten times better. I sleep better and my energy has improved, especially during evenings out. My headaches are also better. I also believe my fibroid is shrinking! My overall health is like a new me! This treatment is unbelievable and has improved my life greatly.

JoDee C.

Danbury, CT


When I came to SOPHIA Natural Health Center in April of 2013 I was experiencing side effects from a chemo pill I was taking. Itchy rashes had developed and I was feeling more and more tired. My energy level had certainly diminished. After four months of dealing with this I came to SOPHIA to try acupuncture. I knew to contact Dr. Ken because I was already a patient ten years ago for arthritis pain in my thumbs. Since starting my treatment program, the rashes and itching are gone. My energy level has increased. And overall I am feeling well!

Lola H.

New Fairfield, CT


15 years of lower back pain brought me to SOPHIA Natural Health Center in January of 2013. This pain was largely a result of playing sports all my life and heavy lifting. Flair ups would occur which would completely immobilize me. The pain would make it difficult to sleep longer than 2 hours straight, tie my shoes, exercise, and it would tire me out throughout the day. The worst was my triathlon training. I could not run upright for almost a mile after getting off my bike. Before coming to SOPHIA I had done chiropractic work, cortisone shots, and physical therapy but these only gave me temporary relief until my next episode. I came to SOPHIA after receiving an evaluation and massage gift certificate from my wife as a Christmas present. I was a complete skeptic at first. Then the treatments not only showed lasting improvements on my back but also allowed me to stop 6 years of allergy injections and recover quickly from injury. My energy has also improved and I sleep 6-7 hours straight each night!

John V.

Brookfield, CT

I started coming to SOPHIA Natural Health Center in June of 2013. My primary health concern was lower back pain. I had a microdiscectomy ten years ago, and presently I have no ruptured disc, but a narrow disc that causes the pain. I am a professional golfer so this had a big negative impact on my career. Anti-NSAID’s only gave me limited relief from my symptoms. A coworker referred me to SOPHIA. After following my treatment program, I have played without pain or medication for the first time in recent memory. I have also gained back my swing speed and distance of ten years ago!

David G.

New Milford, CT

I came to SOPHIA Natural Health center for help in June of 2013. I was experiencing lower back and left hip pain for about two and a half years. Western doctors suggested that I undergo operation for these conditions, but I decided to research SOPHIA as an alternative option instead. So far I have achieved very good results. I am feeling better with my hip and I can move on it!

Patrizio T.

Newtown, CT


I had chronic back and neck pain. It started when I was 18, and I am now 37. I had surgery in 1998 and was getting epidurals every 3-4 months.

It was so bad that, some mornings, I could not get out of bed. I was also on several prescription medications. I suffered from depression and fatigue, high cholesterol and triglycerides.

I was treated by doctors, physical therapists, and pain management doctors. I had only temporary relief, and surgery took a year to recover from; and I didn’t like taking all those prescription medications.

Results I’ve had at Sophia are AWESOME! No pain, no headaches. I was able to stop my depression and my sleep apnea medication. I feel better and have more energy. I have also lost 18 pounds in 1 month. I cannot praise or say enough about Sophia. I recommend them to anyone who complains of pain or fatigue. I love this place!

Christine D.


I started my journey with Sophia on February 17, 2015.

Originally, I heard about Dr. Ken from my wife, and then I heard him on the radio, and thought it would be a good thing to try. I had been suffering for a very long time from terrible pain in my body, and had been to several different doctors, who had only given me prescriptions for narcotics.

Eventually, it all became too many pills, without relief, and I felt that the medical community had failed me and led me to addiction.

As a result of coming to Sophia for help, I feel much more “present”, I feel great, and I wish I could feel like this all the time. I always feel like this when I come here.

Robert C.


I had hot flashes, hormonal imbalance, arthritis, and shoulder, back, & foot pain. Allergy and sinus problems, extreme mood swings, and anxiety. It was bad! I was depressed and frustrated. I was having the pain and hormonal imbalance for 10 years, and allergies my whole life!

I was being treated by a homeopath, and she helped me somewhat, but not substantially enough.

My sister, Beth T., who is a patient of Sophia, recommended that I come in and see what they could do for me.

I have very little pain now in my back and feet. No pain anywhere else. I don’t have hot flashes or sinus problems. I feel a LOT more relaxed; overall pretty health. I feel about 20 years younger! They ARE MIRACLE WORKERS! Everyone in the world should come here!

Katherine L.


Before coming to Sophia, I suffered from debilitating migraines for over 8 years. They were so severe, I would be bedridden for days, vomiting, feeling so awful I wanted to die. I was treated by half a dozen doctors-MDs, neurologists, chiropractors, etc.-all to no avail.

I had known Dr. Ken through my professional network (I’m a mindful-based psychotherapist).

The results I have had are FANTASTIC! I could cry for joy and get down on my knees in humble gratitude. Dr. Ken was able to accurately identify food allergies as the cause of my migraines and use NAET to clear them. Not only am I not suffering anymore, but I am also not living in the dread and uncertainty about when the next attack will seize me. There are no more attacks! I have my life back after 8 long years! A thousand thanks, Ken…you’re tops!

Wendy H., M.S., L.P.C.


I thought I was having menopausal symptoms-i.e. insomnia, joint aches, pains, palpitations, etc. It turned out to be my thyroid. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, then Grave’s disease. I was so tired I couldn’t make it through the day. I was depressed and feeling hopeless and frustrated.

I went to my internist, endocrinologist, and an alternative medicine practitioner. They all helped a little, but the doctors wanted to put me on different meds and kill off what little thyroid I had remaining. I learned a lot about nutrition from the alternative medicine doctor, and he gave me a lot of supplements that I had a hard time taking all the time.

Dr. Ken helped bring everything together and centralized a plan for me. I could come to one place for all my treatment, and 90% of my symptoms have disappeared. The other 10% come and go. I watch my diet, take a manageable amount of supplements, and no longer need medication. Even my endocrinologist says whatever I am doing is working according to my blood work – that’s real proof!

Elizabeth S.


In late June of 2013, symptoms of Lyme Disease hit me like a freight train. I chose not to take the standard Allopathic approach using antibiotics. Dr. Ken at Sophia agreed to treat me using a combination of acupuncture and Chinese herbs. He estimated that it would take 6 months of treatment to restore me to 80% wellness; from there, my immune system could handle the rest.

I was in pretty bad shape when I started treatment. Near death was how I looked and felt. After just a few weeks of treatment, my worst symptoms were dramatically improved.

The following 6 months were full of ups and downs. There were times when I doubted the wisdom of my choice to avoid antibiotics and Allopathic medicine. Dr. Ken encouraged me to have faith in the treatment. I’m glad I trusted him.

Sophia was unlike all of my experiences with Allopathic (western) Medicine. At Sophia, I never felt neglected or belittled. My thoughts and opinions were always encouraged and listened to. The staff was more than just professional, they went out of their way to make me feel comfortable and cared for. I have never met more compassionate people.

So here I am, 6 and a half months later, feeling pretty good. All of my major symptoms, and all but one of my minor symptoms, are gone. My energy is almost back to normal, and I’m feeling like myself again. I feel that my immune system is stronger than ever for having avoided antibiotics.

I’m very happy that I chose Sophia. I’d like to extend my sincerest thanks to Dr. Ken and all his staff. This is the beginning of a happy and healthy relationship!

Michael F.


Before starting treatment a Sophia, I had numbness in my arm and hand that I had suffered from for 2 years. I also had pain in my knees for over 6 years, and pain in the top of my foot.

I went to a primary doctor for my numbness, and was told that I had a pinched nerve in my neck. He recommended physical therapy, which didn’t work. I told I have bad posture.

I met Dr. Hoffman at a Tai Chi class he was teaching. I was eager to begin treatment. Now, my numbness is almost gone and I hardly ever have pain in my knees. The pain in my foot is totally gone. I thought I would have to live with pain for the rest of my life.

Maureen H.


I believe it was November of 2014. I was suffering from depression, anxiety, and sleep & digestive problems. This all started in about 2006, so I’ve had all of these problems in varying severity since then. An emotionally and physically abusive relationship started it (I think), but it all continued after that relationship ended. It was really affecting my life and job because I was entirely dependent on prescription drugs to manage it all. I was always fatigued due to constant anxiety. I hated my job due to both my depression and anxiety (and also because it was no longer satisfying). This caused a ton of stress, which greatly affected both my sleep and stomach. I started missing a lot of work due to my stomach issues. My gastroenterologist was unable to figure out what the root cause of my stomach issues was because, as she put it, I was “too young to have these types of problems.” All of this made me feel terrible; both physically and emotionally, especially because I was so reliant on so many different prescription medications at such a young age. I felt trapped by the medicine and never thought these issues were going to go away. I felt hopeless.

I had been treated by an MD, psychiatrists, psychologists, and a gastroenterologist, and only got minimal relief. For the anxiety/depression/sleep, I was prescribed one drug after another, but they only seemed to exacerbate my problems. For my stomach, also, minimal relief, but symptoms were still present and varied on the type of medicine I was on at a given time.

I got life-changing results at Sophia. I no longer have anxiety or depression, and therefore am completely off all those medications. That alone was a tremendous weight off my shoulders. I am still on a small amount of sleeping medication because that seems to be my most stubborn issue, but that, in addition to the herbs, have significantly decreased my fatigue during the day. Unfortunately I had to go back on my stomach medication because those issues were extremely stubborn, but now I am seeing a different gastroenterologist who is currently doing a number of new tests to see if the issue was in the actual functionality of my stomach and small intestine; something that may not be able to be fixed with acupuncture and herbs alone.

THANK YOU, Dr. Ken, Dr. Bruce, and the rest of the incredible staff at SOPHIA! I cannot say enough great things about you all and how you have helped me get my life back. I can truly say that I have never felt so much relief and peace in my life that I do right now. I owe it all to your individualized & comprehensive approach to dealing with my problems. I would (and have) recommend SOPHIA to anyone who is dealing with a chronic issue, and also just for peace of mind that you don’t always have to rely on prescriptions forever.

Elaine B.


I have come to Sophia since August 2015. For years I have been suffering with Migraines. I thought they could be PMS related, along with stress from my job. Also, I have been dealing with symptoms of menopause. I felt angry about myself. It just seemed like it was always something. I did go to my traditional doctor, but he just wanted to give me prescriptions. I refused to take them because of the possible side effects they could cause. A friend, who is also a patient of Sophia, told me I should check them out. Since coming to Sophia, I no longer have migraines, I sleep much better, my hot flashes are gone and my lower back pain is much better.

Thank you Sophia!

Alisha V.

I came to Sophia’s Natural Health Center in Oct 2013. I was diagnosed with reoccurring Breast cancer in October 2013. I am now cancer free. I was treated by Sophia from the very beginning of my diagnosis and continued through my Chemo treatments. I am still being treated to continue to support my side effects caused by the chemo. I was told about Sophia through a friend of mine, who also is a patient here. Sophia along with my oncologist, Naturopath and a variety of other alternative treatments have resulted in me being cancer free and fully recovered from breast cancer. Sophia is still supporting me to continue my treatment of residual effects from chemo. Which are minimal due to the treatments I receive at Sophia during this incident.

Thank you Sophia!

Madeline S.

I had extreme and constant dizziness, fatigue, and nausea. It was to the point there were some days I couldn’t even stand up. I had been experiencing these symptoms for a month prior to coming to Sophia. I couldn’t attend school or really do much of anything. My mother took me to multiple doctors, but no one knew what I had or what to do to help me. I got negative results from tests and needle wounds from blood draws. I only have positive things to say about Sophia. After a couple of weeks I was able to get back into the swing of things. I’m almost fully back on track. I’m only experiencing symptoms when I get stressed or on a ‘BAD DAY”, which is happening less and less. The staff at Sophia has been wonderful. They all have great personalities and make every appointment a pleasure. Sophia and Staff definitely go above and beyond!!

Thank you Sophia!

Jacqueline C.

I came to Sophia in December 2013. I have been experiencing fainting and panic attacks since 1994. Vaginosis since 2009. Irritable bowel syndrome since 2002, so severe I needed to team teach.

My health conditions made me scared to have kids.  Intercourse was so painful that my husband and I had not had sex for months at a time. I felt lost and miserable. Over the course of many years I saw many Doctors. A neurologist, therapists, Gastroenterologist and OB-GYN, with minimal results.

I met Dr. Bruce at a craft fair and he talked to me about Sophia. I learned and how Integrative Natural Medicine might help me.

Now, I can’t even begin to describe how much Sophia Natural Health Center has helped me. I have better digestion and fewer panic attacks. I’m going back to work full time after having to take 2 years off and part time work. I had surgery for ovarian cysts and Endometriosis. With the help of the SOPHIA team I recovered in half the expected time. The biggest thing is we are ready to start our family after 5 years of marriage and not being able to do so.

Thank you Sophia!

Joanne G.

I suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis, which causes constant pain. I had difficulty sleeping, always had neck pain and was always fatigued. My stress levels were high, and I was experiencing emotional mood swings. Also, I was unable to lose weight. The RA was so bad that I had to have some corrective surgery on my hands. I was also seeing a Chiropractor. The corrective surgery helped with mobility, but the medications for pain were not any help. I was unable to tolerate a lot of the vitamins. My daughter’s friend’s mother told me about Sophia. I started here in June of 2015. Since then my sleeping has improved significantly. I have more energy during the day. My mental outlook and wellbeing are improving and I have a more positive attitude. Stress has decreased and I am experiencing less digestive discomfort.

Thank you Sophia!

Margaret C.

I came to Sophia Natural Health Center in June 2014. I had been experiencing Acid Reflux, Menopausal symptoms, hot flashes, extreme irritability, I was extremely stressed, not calm at all, and I had a very bad heat rash. Also, my toes turned black and blue for some unknown reason. My MD said to take baby aspirin daily. I just didn’t want to do that, but was told if I, didn’t I would have to have my toes amputated. I was seeing a traditional doctor, but I didn’t want to go on to the medication I heard about Sophia’s through a friend of mine who is also a patient. Since coming here all of my symptoms are gone. Even my black and blue toes.

Thank you Sophia!

Silvana L.

I came to Sophia Natural Health Center in mid May 2015. My main concern is high blood pressure. This has been a lifelong issue. The medication worked for a while, but then my BP started to steadily rise, even with the medication. I didn’t want to die of a heart attack.

My second concern was the side effects from radiation. Even though I was free from cancer of my prostate. The side effects from the radiation were unacceptable.

A third concern was a pinched nerve in my right arm, which caused pain down my arm to my fingers, making writing difficult.

Fourth I suffer from Lyme disease. I still struggle with brain fog, a loss of balance and fatigue from this. I have been treated by traditional doctors for most of my issues. The medication that I was prescribed were not solving my health issues.

I heard Dr. Ken Hoffman on his radio show one Saturday Morning. He explained the difference between Eastern and Western Medicine and how Chinese Medicine works to identify the cause of the symptoms and changes the cause. Dr. Ken also said that Chinese Medicine would not make my symptoms worse.
I decided to give it a try.

Now, my blood pressure is normal, the side effects from the radiation have diminished, my stress levels are less, the pain in my right arm is minimal, and I seem to have less brain fog.

Steve H.

I came to Sophia, originally for breast thermography; I think mammograms are more dangerous than helpful, but I still want to be responsible for good breast care. In 2011 I researched breast thermography online and found Sophia Natural Health Center being a family practice, and that he would be glad to discuss my overall health and make any suggestions he thought would be useful. He also mentioned that there would be no charge to have a conversation with him about my health. I have never ever had a Western health professional give me that kind of attention, or show that kind of commitment to overall health rather than to treatment of illness. As have most Americans (who can afford it), I have been having annual checkups all of my life. As I have been aging, these exams have become increasingly expensive, often leading to additional testing and a strong immune system than undergo any number of invasive ( and potentially harmful and perhaps ineffective) tests, looking for what is wrong. At Sophia my health is reviewed in detail every year, and a treatment plan is created. I have been coming in for monthly acupuncture (and meditation— acupuncture is extremely relaxing!) for four years. If I sense anything going out of balance in my body, we discuss it and treatments are “tailored” to restore balance. Everyone here is a part of a cohesive team, and all of us have the same common goal of good health, not treating symptoms of illness. Not only do I feel better, but the situations I was taking for granted as part of aging (on the edge diabetes, arthritis pain and joint restriction, etc.) have disappeared. I will be 70 before long, but my body feels more like 40. I have never had to take any diabetic meds, the occasional “bug” doesn’t hit me like my (younger) family members, and I take no prescribed meds. I sleep well at night, maintain high energy, and have a positive outlook on life.

I credit Sophia—-Dr Ken, Dr Bruce, Laurie… everyone, for helping me establish and maintain this high quality of life. Thank you one and all.

Catherine G.

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