How is Functional Medicine Different


Have you ever tried Functional Medicine before? If not, read this.

In more ways than one, Functional Medicine is paving the way to a more preventative and all-natural approach to healthcare – it’s exciting!

This unique medical practice implements a scientific-based approach to prevent and manage many common chronic disorders – such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, type 2 diabetes, obesity and arthritis.

Think about it – By assessing a simple blood or other functional test, we can analyze specific “functions” of various body structures.

In short, these tests help us understand how to effectively treat and prevent certain diseases. Amazing stuff, right?

So with that, here are five quick facts why Functional Medicine is different…


1. Medical Infrared ThermographyThermography-Sophia Natural Health Center


The Medical Thermogram is a thermal infrared digital imaging device used to detect abnormal patterns of heat (inflammation) in the body. Most commonly, the Thermogram is used preventively to scan the tissues in and around the breast for any malignancies (cancer).

However, the device is also used to detect abdominal cysts, body pain, allergies, liver congestion, and even for thyroid issues.

Unlike a mammogram, the Medical Infrared Thermography is completely safe and non-invasive. Also, there is absolutely no harmful use of any radiation during the procedure – think about that.

Further, in The International Journal of Thermal Science, one study quotes, “An abnormal Thermogram is reported as the significant biological risk marker for the existence of or continues development of breast tumor.”


2. Digital Pulse Wave Analysis


The Digital Pulse Wave Analysis (DPA) is an integrative medical office tool that uses a pulse wave frequency to access and monitor a wide range of cardiovascular conditions. Dr. Prendergast, who is one of the pioneers of the DPA, see’s this technology as an early risk detection for heart health.

But, to understand the DPA better, let’s talk about blood pressure very quickly. So, by taking the blood pressure, you get a snapshot of the current status of the vessels.

However, Dr Prendergast regards BP measurements as convenient, but in many ways, inaccurate. He goes on to say, and I quote, “When you put the cuff on someone’s arm, all you’re really looking at is the download pressure back into the hands. All it really tells you is the condition of the vessels in the wrist. You need to go upstream into the central vessels.”

For this reason, the DPA was created to check not only the smaller vessels, but also the medium sized and larger central arteries – especially the aorta and peripheral arteries near the heart viscera. This technology captures more information from the entire vascular system as apposed to the standard BP measurements.


3. Salivary Hormone Testing


Why get a saliva test done? Well, in many cases, this test is done to check the hormone levels of females. For example, for peri and post menopausal women who are concerned with fluctuating progesterone and estradiol levels.

Now mind you, this test is also done for men. The salivary hormone test is really for anyone – male or female experiencing abnormal symptoms – such as stress, weight gain, blood sugar problems, fatigue, insomnia, etc.


4. Boston Heart DiagnosticsCardiovascular health - Sophia natural health


What is Boston Heart Diagnostics? Boston Heart is a comprehensive blood test that measures, many features and risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

Since heart health is very complex, the creators of Boston Heart Diagnostics print all their measurements in an all color pamphlet – which gives the patient a simple breakdown of their entire cardiovascular health. For instance, in the booklet, only three colors are used to indicate health:

Green – Normal level of health
Yellow –Slightly out of the normal range
Red – Danger Zone

Even further, the company developed The Boston Heart Lifestyle Program where they give each patient an individualized plan to eat and exercise their way to a healthier heart.


5. Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis


If need be, a Functional Medical Physician will send out blood sample(s) for examination to a lab – and in return, the Doctor will get a complete panel of measurements. Here are three common blood panels:

The first one is the A1C Test. This is a common blood test done to check for the percentage of glucose (sugar) attached to your red blood cells. Commonly, this specific marker is used to screen and monitor pre-diabetes and diabetes.

Next, the CBC (complete blood count) panel is primarily used as a routine test to check the overall health of a patient. Specifically, this test measures the health of different features found in and around the blood.

Third, the HDL and LDL panel shows the various types of cholesterol (fats) in the body. If you think about it, every part of the body contains cholesterol – and for that reason, it’s vital to see how much “bad” and also good fat we have. The HDL is said to be “good cholesterol,” while the LDL levels are known as the “bad cholesterol.”

Chris Maslowski, L.Ac.

INM Resident Practioner Our newest Resident at SOPHIA NATURAL HEALTH CENTER. Chris comes to us from Hamilton, New Jersey, where he ran a private practice in acupuncture and oriental medicine. He is a graduate from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in New York City. Christopher is also a Board Certified Herbalist and a Registered Yoga Teacher. Chris is well trained in all the ancient techniques such as classical acupuncture (TCM), tui-na (manual therapy), herbal medicine & cupping therapy in order to help you achieve optimized recovery. He is an author of an informational book on acupuncture and Chinese medicine called 108 Healing Secrets. In his free time, he enjoys hiking, martial arts, and spending time with his wife and son.

The effectiveness of diagnosis and treatment will vary. SOPHIA Natural Health Center does not guarantee certain results.

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