Lyme Patient Success I am a healthy person, so when the following symptoms came back, I knew that something was wrong. They started with a general feeling of malaise, extreme fatigue, change in appetite, neck, upper back/neck tension/tightness. My upper back, neck felt locked and sore. Because of this pain, I had low energy and a low grade headache/ head pain. My enthusiasm for life really diminished and it was replaced with anxiety, worry, and hopeless. My sleeping was interrupted and in the morning, I did not feel well rested. Desire for food was changed, my appetite was not normal and at times, I had nausea.

After 3 months, I feel like my “old” self. (Within) a few days of treatments here, I noticed how much better I felt. Things progressively improved, I believe the Cowden protocol purged & detoxed my system and aided in my healing. I also believe that the acupuncture unblocked my stuck pathways and allowed my immune system to get back into gear so that it could fight this illness and gradually restore my health.

M.S. January 2018

The effectiveness of diagnosis and treatment will vary. SOPHIA Natural Health Center does not guarantee certain results.

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