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Before I go off explaining the three points, here is a quick overview of Acupressure in under a minute. The use of Traditional Chinese Medicine was first employed back in China from the Shang Dynasty (14th–11th centuries BCE).

Around this time, the oldest received texts of Chinese medical theory were based off of therapeutic body work – also known as Acupressure.

Essentially, Acupressure is a sophisticated form of therapeutic massage. The main purpose of this modality is to cause a physiological change in the bioelectric avenue of the body.  The theory of Acupressure falls in-line with stimulating specific points along circulation channels called meridians.

By pressing firmly, the skilled practitioner can influence the movement of these meridians. This application in turn results in a positive medical change.

That said, here are three Acupressure points that everyone must know…

Three Acupressure Points That Work…

Stomach 36 (Zu San Li) – This point is translated to “Leg Three Mile” because patients who could not walk were able to trek three miles after their treatment.

This point is found four finger widths down from the bottom of your kneecap, along the outer boundary of your shin bone. If you are in the right place, a muscle should pop out as you move your foot up and down.

Commonly, when we think about the Stomach meridian, we think about dealing with digestive issues. However, in one study, they found the stimulation at ST-36 lowered blood pressure and decreased sympathetic nerve activity.

In one excerpt from the study, “The burst rate and total MSNA remained constant throughout the study, there was a significant decrease in BP during the real but not sham acupuncture procedure (p < 0.05) using the acupoint ST36.”

Spleen 6 (San Yin Jiao) – This point is translated as “Three Yin Meeting.” Clinically speaking, this point is considered a major traffic intersection for all major meridians. This point is indicated to strengthen all three yin organs – Spleen, Liver, & Kidney.

To find this point, it is 4 fingers above the ankle bone on the inside of the leg.

Liver 3 (Tai Chong) – This point is commonly used for any type of menstrual disorders, stress, and detoxifying the body. In ancient China, they believe that the Liver can breed over 1,000 different diseases. For that reason, the Liver 3 is a great point to increase longevity.

To find this point, you can find the web of your feet, between the big toe and the 2nd toe. The point is in the tender depression between the two tendons.

Acupressure Tip: First locate the point, then apply downward pressure on the muscle, stimulating the area for 4-5 seconds. At best, it is recommended to have a qualified professional examine a patient first before administering any Acupressure or Acupuncture therapies.

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Christopher Maslowski, L.Ac., Associate Acupuncturist
SOPHIA Natural Health Center


The effectiveness of diagnosis and treatment will vary. SOPHIA Natural Health Center does not guarantee certain results.

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