Lifting Weights Strengthens Your Health

When most people hear about weight-lifting, they think about chiseled and stronger muscles.


As this is true, there are other scientifically proven benefits to picking up those dumb-bells. Science has now shown that resistance exercises significantly strengthens other areas of the body – beyond your muscles.


Here are two amazing ways lifting weights strengthens your health…


Stronger muscles, stronger brain


According to Harvard Health, aerobic exercise may improve memory and boost brain power. In one study, they compared participants in two groups. One of which only stretched; the other focused on mostly weight training for 12 months. Both groups completed cognitive tests before and after the study.


Here are the results. “The group that did the weight training scored significantly higher on the cognition tests at the end of the study than at the beginning and retained that gain at 12 months. The gain in test scores was also greatest for those who had the greatest gains in strength.”


Heavy weights, even heavier sleep


According to The Journal of Applied Physiology, weight training significantly improved the quality of one’s sleep even in those who lifted later in the evening. In another study for obstructive sleep apnea, they found similar clinically valuable information.


In one meta-analysis, “There was a statistically significant effect of exercise in reducing the severity of sleep apnea in patients with OSA (obstructive sleep apnea) with minimal changes in body weight. Additionally, the significant effects of exercise on cardiorespiratory, fitness, daytime sleepiness, and sleep efficiency indicate the potential value of exercise in the management of OSA.”


Take Away


Consistent weight training can be a powerful way to strengthen your health – beyond stronger muscles.


However, similar to any lifestyle changes, please speak to a health care practitioner. At SOPHIA Natural Health Center, we use a comprehensive approach in conjunction to lifestyle changes to get a patient better. For a free consultation, please call 203-740-9300.





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Chris Maslowski, L.Ac.

SOPHIA Natural Health Center




The effectiveness of diagnosis and treatment will vary. SOPHIA Natural Health Center does not guarantee certain results.

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