Regain Your Health

A well-balanced diet and lifestyle create the foundation for regaining your health. The following are simple recommendations that you can easily start incorporating into your life:

1 – Be aware of the toxicity you are putting on your body. Read the ingredients in your personal care and cleaning products. Try using natural substances to clean such as baking soda powder or vinegar.

Sophia Natural Health - Salmon and Acocado2 – Eat organic foods whenever possible as organic foods are grown without pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and other chemicals. Avoid the fish with the highest mercury content such as shark, swordfish, king mackerel and tuna. Consume wild Alaskan salmon instead of farmed or Atlantic salmon.

3 – Consume more whole foods in your diet which are foods that have not been processed or refined as little as possible. Good examples are fresh fruits and vegetables, good fats such as olive oil, coconut oil, nuts and seeds, and whole grains such as quinoa and brown rice.

4 – Avoid sugar whenever possible. Sugar acts like a toxin in the body by creating inflammation in the system which can lead to pain in the body, blood sugar issues and cardiovascular disease. It also decreases immune function and can limit how well the liver can filter the blood.

5 – Limit your caloric intake and eat more frequently throughout the day. Eating breakfast, lunch and dinner until you are two-thirds full with healthy snacks in between is a good way to keep blood sugar steady, keeps your energy levels high and helps lose some extra weight.

6 – Move your body for at least 20 minutes per day. Exercise has been known to reduce blood sugar levels, lower blood pressure, increase your sense of well-being, shed weight, improve mood, get rid of toxins, improve bone health, etc.

7 – Getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep per night and going to bed by 10-11 pm is important for our bodies to grow and repair tissues and key to having enough energy throughout the day. It affects our immune system, improves brain health and allows us to process new information.

8 – Engage in deep breathing exercises to improve lung health and reduce daily stress, anxiety and your heart rate. Starting by breathing deeply in through your nose to fill your chest and then out through your mouth. With the next inhalation, fill your lower abdomen instead of your chest.

9 – Consume enough clean, filtered water each day to stay properly hydrated, which helps your body regulate its fluid balance, get rid of toxins, transport nutrients, helps the bowels and kidneys function better, etc. A good rule to follow is to consume half your body weight in ounces per day.

10 – Stimulate digestion by consuming a small amount of apple cider vinegar in some water before each meal. This will increase digestion by increasing stomach acid and enzymes necessary for breaking down your food properly for better assimilation and absorption in the lower digestive tract.

Dr. Craig Pannone graduated from Juniata College in Huntingdon, PA in 2008 with a Bachelor of Science in life sciences and a minor in business management. Knowing from early on that he wanted to pursue a career in Naturopathic medicine, he was then accepted into the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto, ON, the largest accredited Naturopathic institution in North America. He graduated from CCNM with a Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine in 2012.

The effectiveness of diagnosis and treatment will vary. SOPHIA Natural Health Center does not guarantee certain results.

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